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    Image Title City
    "Artwork Commemorating Cherry Blossom Festival", Japanese Lantern Sculpture   Macon 
    Against Mighty Woes  Macon 
    Another Point of View  Macon 
    Benches Commemorating Second Annual Cherry Blossom Festival   Macon  
    Bicentennial Time Capsule  Macon 
    Capricorn Recording Studio Mural  Macon 
    Chewy  Macon 
    Child's Bench   
    Confederate Memorial for Men of Bibb Co.  Macon 
    Cruz Plaza   
    Eagles at Terminal Station  Macon 
    Enthralled by the Magic Within  Macon 
    Eternal Flame Memorial  Macon 
    Fountain at 3rd and Cherry  Macon  
    Fountain at Fountain Car Wash  Macon 
    Four Trapezoids As Two Rectangles  Macon 
    Grand Lodge Obelisk  Macon  
    Heart of Friendship  Macon 
    Holy to the Power of God  Macon 
    Hospital Mural  Macon 

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